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A List of Articles in this Blog

Dear Reader:

Nearly fifty articles were posted to this blog between May 6 and July 26 of this year. I stopped because there was no indication anyone was reading what I’d written. The way this blog works is annoying too.

First, you can look backwards in time from wherever you are, but you can’t always look forward. Archives are only available on the home page or one of the Archives pages.

Second, the links to the articles are in reverse order in the right hand column. This makes it difficult to read multi-part articles in order.

Third, there is no easy way of getting a global view of what is on the blog.

To address all three problems, I’m posting another blog with a list of all the articles, organized in a more-or-less logical order by subject.

My Autobiography

June 23 - My 64th Birthday - An Autobiographical Sketch

May 9 – No Games, Just Sports

May 14 – Dürer: Self-Expression and Depression

Mother’s Day

May 9 – Mothers to Emulate – Mary Fielding and Emma Smith – or maybe not...

Father’s Day

June 15 - Father's Day: The Names of God - Introduction

June 15 - Father's Day: The Names of God - Abba to Zur

Memorial Day

May 26 – Musings on Memorial Day

The Family

July 12 - Families: Defending Traditional Marriage I

July 16 - Families: Defending Traditional Marriage II

July 24 - The Proclamation on the Family and David Bednar’s challenge.

Religion and the Scriptures

May 19 – The Ages of the Patriarchs: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph

July 4 - The Bible - Inspired and Imperfect

Poetry and Parallelism in the Scriptures

June 6 - My Poetry - or - from the Sublime to the Ridiculous

June 8 - English Poetry and the Poetry of the Scriptures

June 9 - Chiasmus I - Noah, the Flood, and Hebrew Poetry

June 12 - Chiasmus II – Parallelism in the Old Testament

June 16 - Chiasmus III: Isaiah in the Book of Mormon

June 22 - Chiasmus IV: Six Book of Mormon Stories from 1 Nephi

June 22 - Chiasmus IV: Nephi’s Outline One

June 24 - Chiasmus V: Nephi’s Outline Two

June 29 - Chiasmus VI: Mosiah, Alma, Helaman, and Mormon

June 29 - Chiasmus VI Revisited: Alma 13 in greater detail

July 2 - Chiasmus VII: Some Modern Examples

Columbus and the Flat Earth

May 21 – Columbus and the Flat Earth I

May 22 – Columbus and the Flat Earth II

Art and non-Art

May 24 – The Emperor’s New Clothes


July 8 - Public Schools: Salina Kansas eighth-grade final exam

July 9 - Public Schools: Salina Kansas revisited

July 22 - Public Schools: And You Think You Have Problems


July 6 - Hollywood’s Three Big Lies

July 10 - Trash TV: We Can Clean the Screen

July 16 - One Hundred and One Reasons Not to Watch TV - April 1992

July 26 - Television 1996: That Vast Wasteland!

Creation and Evolution

May 28 - Darwinism: There Are No Limits and I Can Do Anything I Want

May 30 - Darwinism: People before Adam and Eve?

June 5 - Darwinism: Cultural Continuity and the Universal Flood

Mass Extinctions and Global Warming

June 14 – Mass Extinctions

June 2 - The Carolina Bays and the Younger Dryas impact event - I

June 3 - The Carolina Bays and the Younger Dryas impact event - II

June 4 - The Carolina Bays and the Younger Dryas impact event - III

June 18 - Motion: Global Warming Is NOT a Crisis!

July 20 - Motion: Global Warming is Not a Crisis II

Urban Legends

June 26 - Urban Legends and The Thermodynamics of Hell

June 28 - A Great Cookie Recipe from Nieman-Marcus

Miscellaneous Mutterings and Musings

May 15 – The Horrors of an Unread Blog

June 20 – Oxymoron: Artificial Intelligence

June 30 - Relativity in Words of Four Letters or Less


At 8/23/10, 7:02 PM, Blogger Rich Murray said...

excellent Google Earth and ground views of shallow oval craters worldwide,
Pierson Barretto: Rich Murray 2010.08.22
Sunday, August 22, 2010
[ at end of each long page, click on Older Posts ]
[you may have to Copy and Paste URLs into your browser]
Dennis Cox sees both holocene impacts and ancient volcanism in Clayton
Craters in SW Egypt -- cites huge Bronze Age solar flare event (Anthony L
Peratt, LANL) -- my Google Earth craters: Rich Murray 2010.08.14
Saturday, August 14, 2010
[ at end of each long page, click on Older Posts ]
[you may have to Copy and Paste URLs into your browser]

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