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Motion: Global Warming is Not a Crisis II

On June 18 I posted an article about the Motion: Global Warming is Not a Crisis. My brother read it yesterday and wrote to point out abortion was not on the WHO World Health Statistics 2008 chart. I was surprised/shocked/dumbfounded that I’d missed that! I guess the reason why abortion is not on the WHO chart is because abortion is legal and WHO is politically correct.

There is another huge cause of death that seems to be missing from the WHO chart – that I also failed to include in my June 18 article – but I’ll leave that for another article in a few days. Can you figure out what it is?

Here is an article I wrote toward the end of 1998 about abortion.

At various times in my life I’ve had the pleasure of teaching the adult Sunday school class in our church. On September 6, 1998 in a class about the book of Micah, I made this statement.

One of the most terrible sins committed by Israel was that many of them worshipped the pagan fertility gods and goddesses of their wicked neighbors. One practice of these religions was the murder of their firstborn sons as sacrifices to these devil gods. Micah refers to this practice (Micah 6:6-8). What common practice done by many people around us today is similar to that ancient evil? [abortion.] It makes my skin crawl when I hear people supporting the murder of millions of innocent children. And these little babies are killed merely for convenience, not for some supposedly religious reason, but just for convenience. I think people who are pro-abortion are much more evil than those ancient people who murdered their babies, because the ancients – in their twisted way – thought god (lower case) wanted them to. Abortionists are chaff (see Isaiah 5:20-24) indeed.

Some people might think this is a harsh statement. But listen to the words of one of the presidents of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I think you'll find that abortionists gave him the creeps even more than they do me. More than 100 years ago, President John Taylor (Journal of Discourses, Vol.23, p.36, March 5th, 1882) said:

The pious, zealous, religious and hypocritical in our day, uniting with political demagogues, have set up a God for us to worship, which they boastfully represent as the embodiment of everything that is pure and virtuous, embodying the enlightenment and civilization of the nineteenth century. Their god is overlaid with gilt and tinsel, but inside it is pregnant with the social evil with its twin adjuncts feticide and infanticide. Like a great Moloch it is crushing out female virtue, trampling upon innocence, and prostituting and destroying millions of the fair daughters of Eve. Yet this loathsome, filthy, debauched, degraded monster is held up for our veneration and worship by its corrupt Christian devotees as the essence of everything that is great and grand, noble and praiseworthy; and we are called upon to fall down and worship this loathsome monster under the threat of unconstitutional pains and penalties, and the violation of every principle of liberty and protection guaranteed under the Constitution. Shall we worship this unnatural, lascivious Moloch? Shall we bow down before the shrine of this fetid, corrupt and debauched monster? No! We will worship the Lord our God, yield obedience to his behests, and, if we are faithful, live our religion, and keep his commandments, the God whom we worship will deliver us out of the hands of our enemies, and we shall triumph over all our foes.

Now THAT is harsh! In the 1880s they called abortion "feticide" (or foeticide) - just like genocide, homicide, and infanticide. They hadn't softened it yet to "abortion." Two years after the statement quoted above, President Taylor spoke on this subject again. This time he was quoting George Q. Cannon. President Cannon, in turn, had an article published by the American Social Sciences Association that discussed abortion in America. It seems that in the 1880s, the practice of murdering babies had spread in New England to the point that (from the ASSA article)

"nowhere in the history of the world was the practice of abortion so common as in this country .. in New England alone, many thousands of abortions are procured annually. ... we have become a nation of murderers. ... 15% of wives have the criminal hardihood to practice this black art, [and] there is a still large and additional per cent who endorse and defend it. ... Among married persons, so extensive has this practice become, that people of high repute not only commit this crime, but do not shun to speak boastingly among their intimates of the deed and the means of accomplishing it. ... examining the number of deaths, we find that there are absolutely more deaths than births among the strictly American children, so that aside from immigration and births of children of foreign parentage, the population of Massachusetts is rapidly decreasing. ... The birth rate in the State of New York, shows the same fact, that American families do not increase at all, and inspection of the registration in other States shows the same remark applies to all."

After reading this quote, President Taylor had this to say (Journal of Discourses, Vol. 25, p. 315, October 6 and 7, 1884).

"If any doubts existed heretofore as to the propriety of my warnings on this subject, they must now disappear before the fact that the world itself is beginning to be horrified by the practical results of the sacrifices to Moloch which defile our land. Again I warn you that they who do such things cannot inherit eternal life. If there be a special damnation for those who shed innocent blood, what must be the portion of those who have no mercy upon their own flesh."

Hartman Rector, Jr., in April 1981 General Conference quoted D&C 2:3 and said, "I have often wondered how or why the earth would be 'wasted' if the children's hearts did not turn to their fathers." How and why indeed! A Church News article (April 11, 1981, p.18.) describes what he said.

"Attacking the practices of abortion, sterilization and homosexuality, Elder Hartman Rector Jr. of the First Quorum of the Seventy said in his Sunday afternoon address that the family is under the most serious threat of any time since the creation, with the possible exception of the days of Noah. He decried the philosophies of governments to enforce birth control, abortions and sterilization in order to limit the number of children in a family. He said that the family is the basic unit of society and of exaltation and that such restrictions will literally destroy nations.

"He criticized a commonly accepted idea that governments should care for the aged family members, thereby relieving the children of any responsibility. For the U.S. White House Conference on Families in 1980, many delegates tried to get state conventions to define a family as "any group of people living together." This would not have meant the traditional mother, father, children relationship, but any group of people living together. "Now whom do you suppose would sponsor such a resolution?" he asked. "It is those who represent the so-called 'alternate life-style.' Birth control is rampant. Sterilizations and vasectomies increase annually. The statistics on abortion in the United States are mind-boggling.

"For example: abortionists will kill over 2 million babies in the next 12 months. That amounts to three abortions every 60 seconds. Abortion kills more Americans in one year than all the wars did from Valley Forge to Vietnam. Eight million American babies have been slaughtered by abortion since Jan. 22, 1973, when the Supreme Court legalized abortion and over $3 million of taxpayers' money will be used to pay for government funded abortions this year.

"He said the conditions today seem similar to those Noah faced. He quoted D&C 2:3 and said, "I have often wondered how or why the earth would be 'wasted' if the children's hearts did not turn to their fathers. Today, it is very clear for all to see. If, when the Lord comes, He finds nothing but birth control, abortion, sterilization and homosexuals, the earth is wasted. What was the purpose of its creation anyway? This earth was created so God the Father would have a place to send His children to receive a body of flesh and bone and prove themselves. If we will no longer permit Him to do so, of what good is the earth to the Lord? Therefore, it is wasted and as in the days of the flood He will surely destroy it."

I think many people may be unaware of the incredible number of babies murdered each year. The table below came from Baptists for Life, which cites the Alan Guttmacher Institute (AGI) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Those two sources yield different figures.

A more recent AGI report says there were 1,313,999 abortions in 2000, 1,303,000 in 2001, and 1,293,000 in 2002. says 1.21 million babies were murdered in 2005.

According to the AGI, from 1973 until the end of 2005, more than 45 million babies were murdered in the United States.

And worldwide? A National Right to Life article cites the same sources used in the above table and says 46 million babies are murdered annually worldwide.


In case you forgot what this article is really about, it is about the Motion: Global Warming is Not a Crisis.

Global Warming is not even an issue. Whether Al Gore likes it or not.


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